Argentina Honey



Unfiltered, Unpasteurized,
Rich, Dark, Totally Raw

Delicious Honey from South America

Drops of sunlight on the tongue, is how some people describe the sweet and luscious taste of our honey imported from Argentina. Beekeepers place their hives on the vast, wild plains of the Pampas region, where bees spend thousands of hours gathering pollen from native wildflowers and turn it into a smooth, sweet product full of bee-utiful goodness. Argentina has been known for hundreds of years as one of the world’s top honey-producing countries.

Honey has been a prized food by civilizations all over the world for its sweet taste and the natural factors present. This unpasteurized, raw Argentine honey contains all the goodness that honey is noted for.

Crystallization of honey can actually be a sign of a high-quality honey. Honey may crystalize, even in the comb, when temperatures dip below 50 degrees F. It’s fairly easy to turn crystalized (hardened) honey back into a smooth liquid again. The best way to gently heat it by putting the honey container in a bowl of warm water, then wait for a few minutes to slowly let it warm up. Then it will turn into liquid honey again. Please don’t microwave it (which may kill enzymes)! LiquidLiquid

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